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Frequently Asked Horse Transport Questions

Coggins Test
What paperwork will I need to ship my horse?
A current health certificate and Coggins test from your veterinarian will be required when your horse is picked up.
Horse stable
Where will my horse stay while enroute?
Longer trips routinely have scheduled layovers at stable facilities. Your horse will be taken care of and closely monitored during these scheduled layovers.
Horse leg wraps
Should I wrap my horses' legs?
Leg wrapping is a personal choice. Should you choose to do so, Velcro boots are the best choice. Tail wraps and helmets are not recommended.
Horse eating
What will my horse eat?
Most horse transporters provide alfalfa hay for your horse. If your horse is on any special diet, please provide the feed and written instructions to the transporter.
Horse insurance
Will my horse be insured?
All ICC regulated horse carriers are required to carry $2,000 mortality insurance per horse. If you'd like additional insurance, please contact your insurance provider.
Contact horse transport
Can I check on my horse while enroute?
Yes! You can call your driver, or their dispatch office at anytime for an update. Our horse transport providers are committed to keeping you informed about your horse.


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